• Liposomal vitamin C (liquid)

Welcome to the world of liposomes

In our company, we are all strongly committed towards a HEALTH-FOCUSED LIFESTYLE, and thus we believe in the power of prevention.


When developing our products, our main motivation was to strengthen the immune system. To achieve this, we “packed” vitamins and other health promoting food supplements into microscopic liposomes. Active substances coated this way are effectively utilized in our body.


Liposomal vitamin C

Countless clinical studies and research demonstrate the importance of vitamin C and other vitamins in the protection of our health and immune system. Choose the orange-flavoured liquid formula that is easy to take.

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Vitamin C deficiency and diseases


„During my long carrier in research, I have been deeply fascinated by the perfection of the human body. Every kind of disease I had to learn about as a medical student results mostly from misusing and mistreating our bodies; and ascorbic acid, that is, vitamin C has an important role in this.”


Albert Szent-Györgyi

the discoverer of vitamin C

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